20+ Amazing DIY Industrial TV Stand Designs You Can Create by Yourself

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Overall, the pipe TV stand sports a simple yet eye-catching design that is fairly straightforward to assemble. Best of all, the stand can be taken apart and reassembled when needed (for example, should Dan ever move). It can also be reused in a future project (should Dan decide he no longer wants this TV stand, he can reuse the fittings to create a number of projects like a coffee table, desk, bed frame, and more).

One of the best things about building with Kee Klamp is there is no exact order when assembling a project. Our customers use Kee Klamp to build all sorts of projects from railing, to desks, to table frames, even parkour structures. The flexibility and adjustability of the fittings really allow you to approach the assembly process in a way that makes sense to you.

With that said, the diagrams and tips below will help you out in the assembly process:

image source : pinterest.com

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